Dr. Roberto Ortiz, M.D. AAHIVS

A graduate of the National University of Colombia, Dr. Roberto Ortiz earned his medical license in 1989. He moved to Florida in the early 1990s and became involved in clinical research that lead to approval of the first antiretroviral drugs. Although Dr. Ortiz remains dedicated to contributing to HIV and HCV research, in November 2014, he chose to leave Orlando Immunology Clinic in order to create a new kind of HIV clinic: Bliss Healthcare Services.

This comprehensive clinic for HIV infected and HIV at-risk patients offers services like Case Management, Mental Health, and Medications Access and Adherence with little to no extra cost for the patient. Bliss provides a very ambitious program comprised of prevention, testing, early treatment and PrEP.

Integrating his firsthand experience in groundbreaking clinical research along with his vision, Dr. Ortiz has created a robust HIV clinic serving a diverse population in terms of gender, age, ethnicity and social groups. The scope of the services that he provides has expanded to include Transgender Health.

The Anal Dysplasia Clinic at Bliss is directed by Dr. Ortiz, where he uses anal pap screening and High Resolution Anoscopy to identify and treat patients with precancerous lesions related to Human Papilloma Virus. Dr. Ortiz also offers Sculptra procedures to patients who are suffering from facial fat wasting (lipoatrophy).

Dr. Ortiz has participated as a guest speaker for numerous community programs and is an active supporter of the Cheers for Peers program that provides HIV medication adherence education, counseling and peer support to people living with HIV/AIDS in the community.

As a primary investigator in clinical trials at Bliss, Dr. Ortiz is very active in research with a focus on research related to socials issues. He has remained certified as an HIV Specialist through the American Academy of HIV Medicine (AAHIVM) since 2001 and serves as a consultant to Bristol-Myers Squibb, Gilead, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Tibotec and ViiV Pharmaceuticals.