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Our TRANSaction program is a six-part conversational education series for the transgender community focusing on, but not limited to, members of the Latinx and African American population. The goal is to help the trans members of our community survive and thrive by providing peer led groups. Our desire is to create a social movement of transgender leaders who will be voices of support, progress and hope here in Orlando. We will train and educate those individuals who sign up and agree to attend and participate in all six parts of the series. Transportation will be provided, as needed.

The program will include talks about everything from overcoming stigma, accessing healthcare (including HRT and counseling), name change and gender marker change, career counseling, sex and dating safety, to SDT prevention. In between the educational presentations, featuring guest speakers within the trans community, we will be sponsoring several social group outings. This program was made possible by a grant from the Contigo Fund at Our Fund, an LGBTQ community foundation and Bliss CARES.


Each of the following events will be held on a Wednesday night and begin promptly at 6:00 PM. Please RSVP by phone to 407-203-5984 to reserve your spot. Keep in mind that you must attend all six sessions.

  • Tuesday, February 13,2018 Kickoff and Enrollment Event