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Testing and Counseling

We recognize that the value of testing, counseling, early treatment and access to care with positive support has proven to make the most difference in the markers of any epidemic. We find ways to me these areas more accessible, clear and judgement free to ensure our patients have an overall pleasant experience.
Any questions about booking you an appointment or explaining Bliss CARES services, the HIV and STD Counseling offers free telephone counseling to those with questions or concerns about their sexual health, health insurance, LGBT issues, referrals and more. Counselors are available by telephone 8:30a.m. from to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. All of our counselors are experienced and certified.

Bliss CARES offers STD testing throughout the week for those in need. Call 407-930-5820 to speak with a counselor.

  *  Syphilis, Gonorrhea & Chlamydia screening
  *  Treatment for symptomatic bacterial STDs & known exposures
  *  Assessment for herpes & HPV symptoms (warts)
  *  HIV 4th Generation Serum Testing and Rapid HIV test
  *  Hepatitis C serum testing is now automatically included with HIV serum testing

If you have a known exposure to an STD, or if you have symptoms, call your doctor at Bliss Healthcare Services @ 4074-203-5984 right away, or call for counseling @ 407-930-5984, information and to schedule an appointment.
Bliss CARES  serves all individuals and families regardless of ability to pay. We provide free care and discounted charges on a sliding scale depending on family size and income, and to persons with significant medical expenses.

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